Tigard Spay and Neuter

Your pet’s safety and comfort are our primary concerns when performing a spay or neuter. We use advanced pain management techniques in conjunction with anesthesia to make sure your pet is as comfortable as possible during the procedure and after they are discharged. Proper pain management makes the procedure as comfortable as possible and allows for faster recovery. Our veterinarians perform a pre-anesthetic consultation with you and your pet prior to admitting your pet in the morning to ensure you receive answers to any questions you may have and go over the procedure with you face to face. One of our technicians will also go over a treatment plan with you so there are no surprises at discharge. Once your pet is admitted to the hospital, a blood panel is performed to evaluate their organ function. This helps alert our medical team to any potential complications before we induce anesthesia. We use safe and gentle anesthesia which keeps your pet comfortably sleeping while our medical team provides care. This includes sedation, intravenous catheter placement to deliver fluids and intubation to protect their airway. We use a state of the art full parameter monitor that alerts our medical team to any arising concerns so we can intervene early, ensuring your pet’s safety. A veterinary technician continually assesses your pet’s vital signs during the procedure. Our spay and neuter patients also receive laser treatment on their incision sites to reduce pain and speed recovery. During their recovery period they have the individual attention of a recovery technician who holds and calms your pet until they are fully awake so they don’t have to wake up alone. Our medical team will contact you as soon as your pet is awake with an update and will schedule a discharge appointment. When it is time for your pet to go home, you will meet once again with a doctor or technician to review the procedure and discuss home care. Please call or visit our facility to learn more about our neutering procedures.

The spaying and neutering process at Tigard Animal Hospital
Information on spaying at Tigard Animal Hospital


Spaying is a surgical procedure in which both ovaries and uterus are completely removed from your female pet. Also called an "ovariohysterectomy," the surgery is performed while your pet is under general anesthesia. There are many benefits to spaying your female companion. First, you will contribute to the prevention of the dog and cat overpopulation. Second, spaying will eliminate the sometimes 'messy' heat cycles that attract male dogs to your house from miles away. Third, you will help prevent diseases in your pet such as pyometra (infection in the uterus) and mammary cancer. Additionally, research has shown that pets that have been spayed live longer than pets that have not been spayed.


Neutering refers to the surgical procedure in which both testicles are removed. There are many benefits to neutering your male companion. First, you will contribute to the prevention of the dog and cat overpopulation. Second, neutering can help eliminate undesirable and at times, embarrassing behavior in your male companion. Third, you will help prevent diseases in your pet such as prostate disease and testicular cancer.

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