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The Team at Tigard Animal Hospital

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Chief Feline Officer

Sammi has been with Tigard Animal Hospital since 2016. She lives in the doctor’s office and oversees all official purrceedings. Her interests are sleeping, purring, crawling in boxes, eating and meowing. She is a great source of support for our medical team and loves seeing the occasional patient. Her dislikes include being dressed up in doctor clothes and taking fitmess laps around the hospital after closing. We celebrate her employment anniversary every year; one year Dr. Hendricks even brought her cookies designed in her image (which the staff helped her eat)! She is an active participant in all of our team meetings and is quick to give a cuddle to any team member who is missing their own pets at home. You may see her daydreaming out the office window as you drive on Pacific Hwy, especially on a sunny day.

Cher Smith at Tigard animal hospital

Cher Smith
Hospital Manager

Cher Smith has been managing veterinary practices up and down the west coast since 1989 and has been with Tigard Animal Hospital since 2014. Her passion is excellent client service and ensuring quality pet care for our patients. She is a proud Tigard resident and shares her home and heart with the love of her life, 2 beautiful dogs and an array of exotic cats.


Veterinary Technicians